Veronica has a wide range of published work on careers and personal finance, book and media reviews, environmental and social justice, beauty and fashion, veganism and animal rights, recipes, personal narrative, business, marketing, commercial construction, and science.


Careers and Personal Finance

“8 Ways My Lifestyle Allowed Me to Pay off $10,000 of Debt in Less Than a Year”

“5 Things I Did After Getting Laid Off to Keep Me From Losing My Sh*t”

“How My Father’s Death Taught Me the Most Important Money Lesson I’ve Ever Learned”


Book/Media Reviews

“The Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer on The Art of Asking”

“It Began with Thistles: The Way of Tea and Justice”

“Free Media: 4 Podcasts That Ease My Grueling Commute”


Environmental and Social Justice

“The Heartbreaking Story of Luke O’Donovan”

“What Feminism, Renee Zellweger’s Face, and My Tattoos Have in Common”

“Good News: USDA Promotes Local and Organic Food with $52 Million”

“25 Years Fighting for Women’s Health: ‘You Have to Face Up to Bullies’ Says CEO Susie Hewson”

“Breathtaking Portraits: Why Are These Climate Scientists So Scared?”

“Litterbugs Beware: Watch This Russian Biker Chick Teach Slobs a Lesson”


Beauty and Fashion

“Organic Essences: Compostable Packaging, Pure-As-Can-Be Ingredients”

“Eco-Fashion for 2015 and Beyond: 3 Gamechanging New Products”

“Purple Buddha Jewelry: Turning Tools of Violence Into Objects of Beauty”

“Vintage Capes for Every Taste: All Under $100”

“Best of Tall Boots, Ankle Boots, Heeled Boots, Flat Boots”

“Vegan Boots for Fall: My Budget Picks”

“Vegan Fashion Guide: The How, The Why, The Fabulous”

“Get Basic: Wardrobe Foundations from Ethically Minded Companies”

“7 Gorgeous Coats That Will Get You Excited for Winter”

“Billyburg Gone Way Cute: Kallio’s Ethical Line and Eco-Fashion Workshop”


Veganism and Animal Rights

“Veganuary: A New Year’s Resolution That Will Change Your Life”

“Pros and Cons of Dating Non-Vegans”

“Is That Vegan? 10 Surprising Products with Animal Ingredients”

“Smile at Some Precious Piggy Videos: That’s Not ‘Ham,’ That’s a Pig!”

“Animal Rescue: Expert Advice and How-Tos”

“Thanksgiving Recipes for Vegans (And Everyone Else!)”

“Turkeys Are the New Kittens: Seriously Adorable Videos”

“Is Good Food a Privilege? Why It Should Be a Right”

“Vegan Supplements: The Two Vitamins You Need”



“4 Meal Planning Rules That Save Me 4 Hours a Week”

“Vegan, Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Recipe”

“Roasted Pumpkin Stuffed with Spicy Mac & Cheese”

“Slow Cooker Vegan Pumpkin Chili Recipe: Healthy and Filling”

“Hack Your Pumpkin Latte: DIY For Health & Taste”


Personal Narrative

“I Became a Perfectionist Because My Dad Died”


Business, Marketing, Commercial Construction

“5 Tips for Writing Your Company Blog”

“Why Your Business Needs to Tell a Story”

“4 Steps to Creating a Digital Resume for Networking Events”

“3 Things to Look for When Buying Work Boots”

“ONETEAM Pro Services: Closing the Gaps Between Professionals”

“4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website”

“Video: Bridge Replaced in 57 Hour Timelapse”



“Cornell Warms Up to Geothermal”

“UIUC Engineering Students to Debut 3D Printed Excavator Cab”

“Smart Streetlights Save Energy, Promote Safety, and More”